content that's a real life saver for health businesses

Health and wellness businesses are about helping people get strong in mind, body and spirit, right? But results take persistent effort. And the longer someone's been unwell the more bad habits they’ll need to undo before they can build on the good stuff. So how do you get your future clients pointing in the right direction? That's where great content comes in.

Great content can boost your business's resilience

Well-sourced content can weatherproof your business. How?  By building your online authority and reach when the going gets rough. Prepare to get recognised for the great work you do through compelling writing, video and audio. With my background in journalism, I create well-sourced content feeds that engage your customers and prospects.  This allows your dream clients to:

  • Experience synchronicity – they seem to stumble across your message  just when they’re ready to hear it
  • Resonate with your raison d’être and your way ahead
  • Commit their money and their heart to achieving 100% vitality

Choose which of these three ongoing packages is best for you. Or if you’re looking for something else, tell me more and I’ll design something especially for you. 

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Step 1 – contract planning

This is where you start and I’ll identify your requirements over 2-3 Zoom meetings. 

  • Your audience – We’ll have a 60-minute workshop to build a picture of your dream audience, where they hang out online, and the questions and problems on their mind. Plus any information gaps and misinformation that needs correcting. 
  • News sources – You’ll provide me with a list of your most trusted sources and I’ll add my own suggestions. I’ll check when we can expect news updates from them.
  • Quarterly planning –  you will flesh out your company calendar and explore its potential to stimulate content. Plus details of your inhouse experts.
  • Rebriefing – we’ll revisit this plan every 3 months. I require sign off before I begin.

£249  – pay only once

Step 2 – from here you can add one of these three packages below

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Life Belt

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Compelling social media feeds get you noticed as you move up Google and convert more customers. I scour the web for news, research and insights to share on your networks – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Every month you get…
20 social media updates across one platform

£195 per month


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Need more space to educate and share your depth of expertise? If you’re growing out of Life Belt, it’s time to repot your content to include a blog. I’ll write and publish 6 blog posts, of 500 words each.

Every month you get…
20 social media updates across one platform
+ 6 blog posts (500 words)

£475 per month

Blue Jay

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Enlighten your readers and gain kudos as a leading thinker in your field. Blue Jay gives you everything in Rose, plus a well-sourced and crafted opinion piece. I’ll interview you to capture your thoughts and natural phrasing.Then I’ll write and publish the article in your name. 

Every month you get…
20 social media updates across one platform
+ 6 blogs 
+ 1 opinion piece (750 words)

£695 per month

All packages run for at least six months and after that on a rolling monthly contract